In the year 2019, people sent Water Bears to fly into space. When they were about to land on the moon, something bad happened. The spacecraft crashed, and this caused the Water Bears fell into a deep sleep for hundreds of years…

As time passed by to the year 2499, the Water Bears have resurrected on the moon and developed their own civilized community-“DOPE WABY” with the help of aliens. They begin to roam the cosmos in all sorts of strange ways!


DOPE WABY is a collection of programmatically and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are crazy and playful. They also have super strong vitality (almost never die). Roaming on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC-721 NFT, each WABY is unique. Each of them randomly assembles from over 250 options, creates endless possibilities and some features which have more rarity than others. Having a DOPE WABY will provide you with unprecedented advantages and access to exclusive-member rights in the community.

10,000 Dope Waby Randomly Generated

Fair Launch, fair distribution: All Wabies cost 0.05 ETH

Get full ownership and commercial copyright over your NFTs

The Troll Solt : A member's-only Playground

Unlock additional benefits through roadmap activations and future phases

We will randomly airdrop 10 DOPE WABY to the top 1000 WABY owners.

Give out 0.5ETH to 10 lucky WABY holders.

  • Post the WABY you own on Twitter and tag us, rare WABY's exclusive charge rocket skateboards will be randomly given out to 10 holders!
  • Return 20% of the ETH raised to the community (through competitions, lotteries, etc.)
  • Start the operation of the troll slot, all the WABY holders can enter the game! Get more presents and benefits.

  • Airdrop microscope NFT to every WABY owner, after breeding amazing things will happen.
  • To build larger playground projects, including target shooting, claw machines, etc., the owners of DOPE WABY will jointly determine the future of these projects and get more benefits together!
  • DOPE WABY team members come from different countries, four of us love to accept challenges. Right now we are working hard and eager to bring DOPE WANY metaverse to you.





    A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital item that can buy, own, and trade. In addition to the collection, it also has additional functions, such as participating in exclusive community events.

    Believe me, DOPE WABY is really fierce (as the target of NFT investment). The community will continue to develop more projects. With WABY, you will become a member of a great community-besides being able to express opinions and voting for the direction of project development, the most important thing is to get a variety of enviable rewards and benefits!

    Your WABY will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the WABY. And you can view them on Opensea.

    Join our Discord and start interacting with the community! The community encourages bold speeches and crazy ideas, and practice the spirit of DOPE WABY together!

    Unlock and initiate the $WABY token minting project (ERC-20 token) as a reward to WABY holders. In addition to participating in more game projects, $WBY tokens can also be used to purchase goods, NFTs, and other stuff in the community. Of course, it will be more than that.